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The Joke’s On You

It’s not funny. Let’s stop making jokes about Trump. He’s a dangerous sociopath that is in charge of (what used to be) the greatest nation on Earth. You’re closer than ever to nuclear disaster. If North Korea’s arsenal really can reach the mainland, then think of Canada and Latin America too. Given North Korea’s history of past failures, their payload could fall short of the objective, and do horrifying damage to other lands…not to mention the fallout contamination that your border wall can’t contain.

If you don’t know what the longer-term effects of radiation are, I suggest you learn. Those of you with children…if they survive, their health will suffer for years to come, and the environment will take hundreds of years to recover. What is wrong with you? In most other countries, people would be marching, forcing (so-called) leaders to stop the nonsense. And if they didn’t, the people would just take over. Believe me, anarchy would cost less lives than a nuclear strike.

It’s not funny. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians…meaningless labels in the face of a nuclear strike. This isn’t a fucking video game. North American politics is playing dice with millions of lives…good people who have become comfortably numb to the real threat of nuclear war.

Trump is not a joke anymore. He’s a maniac. If you can’t see that, then you are a maniac too. Take a look at the pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima before and after the bomb. Read about what it’s like in Chernobyl now. Think of South Korea, China and Japan. How will a nuclear blast affect them? It’s way overdue for North Americans to wake up, see the truth, and take action. If you don’t, the world may change drastically in the coming months…thanks to a billionaire without a conscience…without a clue…without a doubt the most evil man in modern history.

It’s not funny. Forget your political differences. They don’t mean a thing anymore. With one touch of a button, everything and everyone you knew and loved will be changed. Is this the world you want to live in? You will be forever measured by what you do (or don’t do) right now. Quit waiting for news to come that Trump has quit, or is going to be impeached. Stop waking up every day, checking to see if it’s happened… it won’t…not in time. Now it’s getting much too late. Your lives…the lives of your loved ones…everything you cherish…altered forever.

Trump has to go NOW, and his replacement cannot be Pence, or any other of Trump’s cronies. You have to decide whom that will be, but don’t make another mistake. Think, think, think—be logical, be smart—quit acting like idiots! As it stands, it will take generations for North Americans to be taken seriously again. Start now. You can do this! The government has been playing you for a long time. They use a tried and true formula to manipulate you: FEAR + IGNORANCE = CONTROL. Educate yourselves, stop being afraid, and take control of your country again. If you’re a Trump supporter…either wake up, or just stay out of the way.

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