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Write Young, Feel Young

I'm sixty two. For many of you that may sound pretty old, yet I can assure you that attitude holds the mallet that carves out the reality. I have exercised all my life, and the energy it gives me translates into my writing. At the risk of sounding preachy, if you're a writer, you need to do some form of exercise. It will free those wonderful dopamine's from your brain, and fill you with enthusiasm, and new ideas. I'm not kidding! If you're at a road-block in your writing, and you are not exercising regularly, then it will definitly help.

Sermon over. Now I can tell you about a new book I'm writing named, Atascadero, which means Deep mud in Spanish. It's a book for our times, and is proving to be one of my favorite works. Take a mystery, add horror, liberal splashes of comedy and a dose of sex and you have it—a mixture of magic/realism, literary fiction, and romance. The heroes are teenagers who, as Exupery expressed so well in The Little Prince, have to teach adults how to think like kids again. The first fifty pages shot from my fingers in a little over a month. I anticipate have a first draft finished by Christmas. Then, I will ask several of my author friends to give it a critique before embarking on my favorite part of writing...editing. I love editing my work, filling in the skeleton with organs and covering it with skin, and then making sure that it has an amazing brain.

Sorry, I lied. The sermon isn't over. I'm sixty two. I feel as good as I did when I was thirty. I'm serious about exercise, and I eat healthy. Here's my green drink formula. I have one every day: Handful of fresh spinich leaves, a cactus leaf (diced up), handful of parsley, three celery stalks, one apple, a bananna (or slice of pineapple) . I use a Nutriibullit to blend it with. You won't be able to fit it all in one at one time, you'll need two blendings. Then, stir it up and quaff. You should feel the benefits in a few minutes.

Keep writing, exercising, and try a green drink. I can almost guarentee great results!

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