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Available novels in chronological order

The Eye of Espinoza  (World Castle Publishing) begins in Binghamton, New York, circa 1952. An eccentric painter, Espinoza, is found dead by a concerned neighbor when she sees that his newspapers have been collecting all over his yard for a few weeks.  In order to resell the house, an erotic mural in the master bedroom must be plastered over.

            In 2015, a married couple decides to buy the house. After a mild earthquake, a piece of plaster falls, revealing an eye. The wife curiously uncovers more and more, becoming obsessed in freeing the entire mural. The discovery has a strange effect on the couple and ultimately leads them into the hidden, darkened hallways of their consciousness. The Eye of Espinoza is darkly funny, sexy and tragic.

To order a copy:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Gandhi, and most other book sellers.

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SEEDLINGS, World Castle Publishing

Seedlings is an apocolyptic science fiction novel filled with everything fans love: Aliens, monsters, romance, technology, heroes and villains. It also carries a warning that, although this is a work of fiction, human dysfunctional behavior will concievably lead to our ultimate demise.    The strongest characters are women and children. Their will to survive leads them into a new world filled with wonders and horrors.    To order, Seedlings, just type in the book and the author, and you'll be given infinite choices as to where you can purchase a copy!​ Eg. Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Ghandi, Goodreads, and almost anywhere else that sells books.

Seedlings 3D Paperback.png



ADOBE WALLS, published by UNSOLICITED PRESS is a collection of short stories that have been published internationally over the past four years—tales that will take you places you've never dreamed of...or perhaps you have. 



Lucia’s life captures the diversity of the Mexican culture and delves into the double standards imposed on women who want equal footing with men. She strives to control her life and expects more from herself than Mexican tradition allows. Her trysts are usually with experienced older men—university professors, artists and other intellectuals. 

            The novel follows Lucia’s progress for thirty-eight years and highlights her sexual relationships with over twenty-five men (and one woman). Following her marriage to a North American (Wyler) she enjoys discreet experiences with others, which often leads to conflict.

            Wyler and Lucia prove to be a perfect match. He allows her to freely explore her sexuality with him. Yet, Lucia has discreet adventures, usually at math conferences and seminars. She has a Ph.D. in algebraic Topology, one of only a handful of women in this field. Math professors are known for their bohemian ways outside of the academic realm, and Lucia often finds herself the object of their desire.

LUCIA Cover.jpg


On March 16th, EVOLVED PUBLISHING released my newest book, DEEP MUD (magic/realism at its finest! I think it is one of my best works. Unfortunately the pandemic muted sales and 

my ability to promote in person.


 Meadowland, a literary novel, offered by World Castle Publishing.  A cast of unforgettable characters populate this (Trump-era Pre-COVID-19) novel about a small town with big problems.

Meadowland 3D Book Cover.png

From World Castle Publishing LadySmith is now available at nearly all booksellers.

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