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Be patient, keep writing, never stop!

I've been writing for a Long, long time. Times have certainly changed. I used to send queries with SASE's to addresses found in the Writers Market. Most of the time (many months later) I received a generic rejection. Once in a great while I published something in a small magazine, yet the stack of rejections grew. One of them had, NO!, hand written on piece of scratch paper.

New writers are lucky to live in the Information Age. Publishers have become more congenial, we certainly save money on postage stamps, and response times have gotten drastically shorter.

When Evolved Publishing expressed interest in my newest novel, DEEP MUD, the new age of publishing was fully revealed. I was asked to SKYPE face-to-face with the publisher, and believe it or not the interview lasted nearly two hours! He asked many questions, answered all of mine, and clearly defined his vision, expectations of me, and what I could expect from him. The process that followed has been very professional, and DEEP MUD will see light of day in late 2019/early 2020.

As most of you know, I offer seminars and workshops (usually free of charge) to groups of writers. It is such a pleasure to use my experience to help others, reinforcing what I know, and using experience to guide others. Working with great publishers, such as Evolved, adds to my knowledge of the process.

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