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About Ty Spencer Vossler

Ty Spencer Vossler was born in central California's San Joaquin Valley, raised on a small farm near the labor-camp community of Woodville. He attended his first eight years of school in Woodville, where he came to appreciate the Mexican culture. Woodville Elementary school was staffed with wonderful, caring teachers, and Vossler still considers that his love for education was born there.

About twenty-five years ago, Vossler threw his television into the garbage. The originality of his work can be attributed to the fact that media influences are kept to a minimum.

His creative fiction mixes reality and fantasy, and it’s difficult to tell which is which.

Vossler received a BA in literature from Point Loma University, an MFA in creative writing, from Lindenwood University, and has taught literature and creative writing for more than twenty-five years, (eight in Mexico). He offers creative writing seminars and workshops.

The writer currently lives in Pacific Grove, California with his BMW (beautiful Mexican wife) and their daughter.  He enjoys using his many years of writing experience to help others, which is why he now teaches at a small middle school in the North Salinas Valley.

In  2021, the author published two new novels, DEEP MUD (Evolved Publishing), and MEADOWLAND (World Castle Publishing). LADYSMITH, a deeply disturbing portrayal of bullying and the long term effects it has on a troubled young man, is available now. 

List of Recent Publications for Ty Spencer Vossler


Poetry Publications:

Chaffey Review:         Light From Stars, (Long Version) 2/16/15Poetry Quarterly:                                                              El Fin, 1/12/15

Mad Lake:                   Cuckold, 8/10/15

                                     Layover, 8/10/15

                                     Economist, 8/10/2015

Red Fez:                      Light From Stars, 12/7/14

Quills:                          Answers, 12/3/15

                                     He Offers, She Accepts, 12/3/15

                                     Would You? 12/3/15

AHF Magazine:          UnAmerican, 9/30/16

                                     Water, 9/30/16


Short Story Publications:

Horror, Sleaze, Trash: Drastic Measures, 8/6/15

                                       Federales, 9/15/15

                                       Producer, 6/8/15

Brilliant Flash Fiction: Picasso the Wonder Dog, 6/3/15

                                       Old Crow, 9/16/15

Bareback Magazine:   The Change, 6/15/15

                                       Lucia Finds Her Mojo, 12/10/15

                                       Ruby Tuesday, 07/16/16

WritingRaw:                  Redwoods, 7/28/15

                                       Red Beret, 9/23/15

                                       Replica, 9/23/15

                                       Eleventh Summer, 10/28/15

Dead Guns Press         Shrink Rap, 9/6/15

Zenrotica:                      Initiation, 9/22/15

                                        Wild Women, 10/13/15

Fiction Magazines:       Adobe Walls, 9/26/2015

                                        Bottom of the Ninth, 5/17/16

Shalla Magazine:          He Liked, She Liked, 10/8/15

                                        Morning Lotus Flower, 10/8/15

                                        His Diary, 10/8/15

                                        Walk on the Wild Side, 10/8/15

                                        Good Wife, 8/20/16

                                        Thoroughly, 9/28/16

Temptation Mag:          Cliff diver, 11/3/15

                                        Nightcap. 11/26/15

                                        Ankle Bracelet, 6/22/16

                                        4 and 0, 8/22/16

                                        Lucia Finds Her Mojo, 12/21/16

                                        Hide and Seek, 2/16/17

Pink Litter                      Permission Slip, 11/14/15

                                        Swingtime, 6/2020

Alfie-Dog Fiction           Twenty-three Years to Life, 12/4/15

East Jasmine Review    Wax, 2/20/16

MadSwirl                        Permission Slip, 2/26/16

AHF                                 Good Provider, 2/28/16

Torrid Literature           Creation, 3/14/16

Shoe Music Press         Get Together, 7/3/2016

Out of the Gutter         Return to Eden, 7/7/2016

Dark Gothic Mag          CatMan Do, 8/24/16



Wolfian Press                Small Town Dreamin’, 8/28/15, JJ, 11/1/15, Failure, 12/1/15,                                         Reckoning Day, 2/28/16

Tell Us a Story               JJ, 11/10/15,

                                        She is my Garden, 7/5/16

East Jasmine Review    Milagro, 2/13/16

Common Ground         Killing Fears, 10/18/16



World Castle Pub.         The Eye of Espinoza, 4/24/17

Scimitar Magazine        The Fix, 1/7/2020



World Castle Pub.         Seedlings, 2018

                                         Meadowland, 2020

                                               LadySmith, 2023

Abuzz Press                    Lucia, 2019

Evolved Publishing.       Deep Mud, 2020


Short Story Collections  

Unsolicited Press           Adobe Walls , 2019



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