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Calling All Writers: The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword! Time to Prove it!

Writers basically write for two reasons—because they can, or because they must. Those who can, usually write for publishers who study marketability, knowing that they can rely on certain authors to put out what they think the public wants to read. Those of us that write because we must, don't much care about striking it rich with the latest reimagined idea. I've met one publisher that is so scared that public opinion will dampen sales, that all you seek on their book list is sappy romance, bold adventure, and travel logs. Politics is off the table. Nabokov, Hemingway, Faulkner, Marquez, Saramago, wouldn't make their list.

Writers that must...what are we here for if not to sway opinion with our words? We do it all the time. We slather work with our own inner juices, allow ourselves to be shown, piece by piece. We currently live in a world filled with unimaginable horrors. Stephen King has said that he could never have imagined the evil doings in the world today. Yet, we writers must show put it out there so that the public can choose whether to embrace or reject it. I know of no writer that supports Donald Trump...not one. He is the ID from the movie, Forbidden Planet. He is the disgrace of an entire nation, and the repercussions extend worldwide. He's making North Americans look like imbeciles!

Writers...why not use your talents to expose this monster? If you don't, later on, you'll regret it. When your children look at you, and question this dark time...and ask what you did during this sad part of history, what will you tell them? Speak up goddamnit! Let your emotions spill your voice over and over until it leaves a stain on every conscience. Use your talent to fight against the disease that has taken hold of so many. Do it now before it's too late!

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