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Responsible Gun Ownership? An Oxymoron, with Emphasis on, Moron

Non-violence needs to be ingrained into children at a very early age. We must begin a new age that reflects our will to live. Given that we now live in the twenty-first century, it appears that we've taken two steps backward with regard to making our world a safe and secure place to live. We can change that together. Relying on politicians to do the right thing hasn't worked, so it's up to us. March, protest, cry out in anguish and pain, use passive force and resistence if necessary to awaken the consience of society, shake them from the deathless sleep that has allowed yet another massacre to take place. Think of your children, and the children of others. Why in the world would you knowingly place them in harms way? DO SOMETHING!

If you own a gun, ask yourself, why? To protect your family? Statistics show that, overwhelmingly, the victims of your intention is usually a family member. Why else? Because you're a criminal? Because you like the way they feel in your hand? Because you were bullied when you were young, and you now carry an equalizer? Because if someone cuts you off on the freeway, you want to be able to teach them a lesson? Any reasons you may have do not hold water. Is there such a thing as responsible gun ownership? Not in the world we live in today, there's not. It's an oxymoron, with the emphasis on, moron.

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