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In 1950, The LadySmith snub-nosed .38 was developed by Smith and Wesson. It was designed especially for women. Hammerless, it didn’t snag on clothing and could be secreted in a small purse. 

     LadySmith is the life story of Jimmy Koch, relentlessly bullied in his youth by an older brother and a complicit sister, as well as school classmates. He’s unable to stand up for himself until he discovers LadySmith in his grandfather’s storeroom. 

     LadySmith is an amber world, where answers are never black and white. Life is lost and found. There are shipwrecks and rescues. At the end of each, something floats to the surface to reveal what we’ve become.

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The sequel to MEADOWLAND 

LadySmith: a novel about bullying, trying to find an identity, and the disastrous far-reaching consequences of family disfunction.

Now available!

LadySmith is being considered for two major awards—the National Book Prize, and the Independent Book Award. Please support your local author!

NOW Available 

Trump-era, pre-pandemic: Meadowland is a small town with big problems. Dysfunction, murder, infidelity, mental illness, and LOL humor make Meadowland unputdownable.

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Read a review of Meadowland from award-winning author, Glenn Bruce.
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The  small town of Atascadero is cursed. A teenage Chicano boy and his friends are the only ones who can end it. Yet, the cost is high.

     Deep Mud is Magic Realism at its best! The journey begins in old Mexico, travels to Atascadero (on the central California coast), before returning for an unforgettable conclusion. You have NEVER read anything like Deep Mud.

DYSTOPIAN Science Fiction unlike anything you've ever imagined. Seedlings—not only are aliens real, they've been here waiting patiently for us to destroy ourselves.

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Read renowned author, Glenn Bruce's review of  ADOBE WALLS 

Short Story Collection from:


Within this eclectic short story collection you will experience lol humor, horror, romance, tragedy, and dysfunction. There are stories that will take you South of the border, others  into into the future, and many that will seat you in your own living room reflecting on life. 

     Each story has been previously published by well respected domestic and international publishers and brought together by Unsolicited Press.

     The first story in the collection, Adobe Walls has been written in into a screenplay by award-winning writer, Glenn Bruce.


Lucia, is a self-made success  story about an impoverished young Latina  who, despite the odds, attends the university and changes her life.  Along the way she attracts men like bees to her exotic flower, resulting in a rich variety of sensual encounters. WARNING: Readers must be twenty-one (21) or older.

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