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If you like it spicy, then you're in luck. Lucia is an erotic romance that covers thirty years in the life and loves of a brilliant, beautiful Mexican woman.
Chin Up! It has taken me a long time to get here! Here are some of the Brownie badges I've collected over the past few years from publishers. Heck, it beats collecting stamps. ​
     The life of an artist is extremely difficult, and we have to find ways to stay positive, and focused. Most of us have day jobs to allow us the luxury of writing. Writing isn't just a hobby for us. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover the bills either.
     I hope my website inspires you to stick with it. We can't afford to lose you— can't allow the humanities to suffocate beneath the steady influx of technological toys. The humanities are a link to reality. If the world is going to change for the better, it is artists who will lend the biggest hand.
    So, never give up, never give in, and by all means, keep writing, because it is the link to your reality.
    Write on, brothers and sisters!


Glenn Bruce writes about,  ADOBE WALLS  











Glenn A. Bruce, Review 

*Glenn A. Bruce has been writing for over three decades - two of them spent in Hollywood writing feature films and television, including the hit movie "Kickboxer", the series "Walker: Texas Ranger" and "Baywatch." A rare native of Miami, FL,, he is also a painter and an award-winning video writer. He is the author of, Riverbend, The Maples, Rubric, The Man, as well as other works available at most booksellers all over the world.


Ty Spencer Vossler’s love and understanding of Mexico, its customs, and its people is obvious from page one of Adobe Walls, a taut and diverse collection of short stories celebrating the sad, the sated, and the misunderstood on both sides of the border. From a tortured ghost of a man set on, and afraid of, deadly revenge, to a violative preacher’s haunted memories of aggrieved lust, searching his emptied soul for the perfect sermon while knowing his transgressions will strangle him if he finds it, Vossler captures the trials of a host of underbelly characters struggling through the vicissitudes of lives complicated by more troubles than they are prepared, or able, to face.

     The loosely connected stories—callbacks to a tattered pulp novel, a dry riverbed, and a string of costly infidelities—roll easily from the hardscrabble exigencies of the poor, especially those with Mexican heritage, to the easy lives of the rich whose difficulties are of their own making, to a frumpy and pregnant professor on the verge of personal dissolution, trying desperately to understand her life through algebraic equations.

     Vossler includes enough sneaky humor to raise the corners of one’s mouth every few pages, a smattering of topical references to keep the tales relevant to today, enough politics to be insubordinate, and plenty of matter-of-fact cruelties of common life, all infused with a lingering dark malignity beneath. 

     Adobe Walls will challenge the way you view those who dwell on the fringes of sanity to endure the everyday horrors of just getting by without encountering a personal experience with death—a hope that is often not met. There are a lot of dark secrets inside these Adobe Walls, stealthily awaiting the hungry reader.




"Re-examine all that you 

have been told, dismiss that

which insults your soul." 

Decisions, decisions...these are the cover choices for my newest novel, DEEP MUD, published by Evolved Publishing, available in December.

Coming in December from World Castle Publishing:

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