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Time to Move On...

Since Trump was installed in the White House, I've spent a lot of energy trying to get him out...months of blogs, postings, tweets...and still...he's there. So, I've decided to use that energy to do what I do best...write and publish. My epiphany arrived last month, when I found, not one, but three publishers for three different works. Now it's time to throw off the cloak of negativity, and embrace all that is good in the world, beginning with how much fun it is to create.

On July twenty-fourth, my literary short story collection, Adobe Walls will be released by, Unsolicited Press. I've asked friends, colleagues, and publishers to review it before it goes to press, and their response has been a resounding, YES! This publisher is very professional, and it's been fun working with them.

In the coming month, World Castle Publishing is opening the doors for, Seedlings, my science fiction novel. Last year they published, The Eye of Espinoza, and they're a great team to work with. They always make sure a book is perfect before it goes out, and the publisher, Karen Fuller works tirelessly to make it happen.

Shalla Publishing is an enthusiastic publishing house that is open to new, innovative works of writing. In addition, Shalla is a well known and respected artist in her own right. In Skyping with her, I found her to to have a tremendous sense of humor, a fantastic aura of positive energy, and a hunger to make the books that she accepts into top sellers.

I want to thank my reviewers in advance for taking the time to write something about my work, and I will be keeping a log to invite them back when another book is ready, and finding more friends that will be interested.

So...onward and upward. I hope my writing will bring joy into your life.

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