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Patience. That's the most valuable tool that a writer has. We write with a mixture of blood and ink, and our essence makes it onto each page. Some of us go a very long time between acceptences, rejections pile up, and we begin doubting ourselves. We need what non-writers call, "real jobs" in order to pay the bills, which allows us to continue creating our ideas into the wee hours.

Patience. Without it, many writers give up, throw in the towel, bitch and moan, and become depressed, thinking that the world is ignoring them. Yet those of us that hang on, gut it out...eventually get rewarded. It may take months, years, decades, yet it will happen. All the pain you suffered in the process will fade like the memory of your birth.

Patience. This year I am publishing three books. World Castle is publishing my apocolyptic science fiction novel, Seedlings. Shalla Publishing is going to press with, Mocha Dreams, a collection of erotic short stories, and Unsolicited Press will be publishing my collection of literary fiction, Adobe Dreams. When it rains it pours. Be patient. If you stick with it, your turn will come.

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