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Exercise Your Creativity...

I have exercised almost all of my life. When I was a boy, I played baseball, went running, and began lifting weights so that other boys wouldn't bully me at school. By the time I was about twelve, I had already reached my maximum height of 6'4".

I was a pretty good baseball player, so the jocks mostly left me alone when I was pitching well. About the same time, I began writing stories. Some of the boys asked me to write poems for them to give to girls they liked. Others wanted me to write sexual fantasies about the girls at school. I capitulated, and as a result, I gained a certain infamous popularity. I was a baseball pitcher and a writer of erotica!

When I reached college age, I began writing sword and sorcery. By then, I preferred weight lifting, and began power-lifting, and entering various contests. At one time I was benching 320 (my weakest event) Squatting nearly 520, and deadlifting about 580. I met Billy Kazmire, who at this time was the world's strongest man.

My writing continued. I found a publisher (Lois Curley Enterprises) for my first complete sword and sorcery novel, Trails in Darkness. Unfortunately she quit the business before publishing it. Still, it inspired me to continue writing. At this juncture of my life I experimented with other sports. I ran a dozen marathons and competed in another dozen triathlons. I even ran 50 miles once. Lately, I'm back into weight lifting again.

Throughout the subsequent years, I believe that my ability to keep a positive attitude in the face of years of rejections, job disappointments, and personal setbacks, is rooted in being able to keep a balance between body and mind. I feel that writers need to exercise. I get some of my best ideas when I'm working out. If your writing ideas have been slow in coming—if you are feeling depressed and lacking energy...try exercising. I suggest that you find a gym. Being around others really helps!

I hope this article inspires you to give it a try.

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