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IMPORTANT! READ THIS! Think, think, think…

Get this out of your head…Trump is not a clown…someone to be laughed at anymore…a source of entertainment. He’s not funny. He never was. He is a dangerous psychopath, at the reins of the most powerful country on Earth. Think about it…evil maniac + Nukes + unchecked power + (citizen apathy) = DISASTER! Trump isn’t funny. He is capable of doing lasting damage to you and your children. Shut him up. Now. You make ask, how? First there are a few things you should know:

North Americans have become apathetic. They make heroes out of villains, and seem to concern themselves with the most trivial news items (how are those Kardashians doing today?) I blame this on technical advancements that allow for instant gratification. If you want to know something, all you have to do is Google it, as apposed to driving to the local library. We can make phone calls and send text messages while we’re driving. Some call this multi-tasking. I call it stupidity.

The Internet could have been such a great tool, yet it’s turned out like TV. When television made it into households in 1928, it was thought by its developers to be used as an educational tool for the world. Well…you’ve seen how that turned out.

Statistics show that most men and women (a large percentage of the time) use the Internet to watch porn. How difficult it is to keep our children innocent now. One click, and purity is evaporated. Mysteries that are supposed to be solved when we’re mature enough are now unraveled at an early age.

Advice # 1: Limit your activity on the Internet, and ask yourself if what you’re doing on there is helping you to grow. About twenty-five years ago, I destroyed my television on purpose and threw it into the garbage. I began limiting my news to papers that I knew to be more honest than others: Al Jazeera, The Independent, and The Nation. Most others are owned by billionaires, and carry their personal biases and political agendas. Remember that there are two kinds of lies—outright lie, and lies of omission. Compare news articles with different news agencies. The day after the Boston Marathon bombing, the NY Times reported that there were no suspects. Al Jazeera already had pictures of the suspects posted.

Advice #2: Write, make phone calls, email (supposed) leaders. Let them know that you’re not happy with how it’s going. You’ll find a list of numbers on the Net. Don’t just join protests, plan them, start your own movement, and carry them out by organizing like-minded people into a strong force. Be proactive, and don’t back down, even if friends and family end up hating you. You may find that you are truly the black sheep in the family. Just remember that sometimes the majority just means that all the fools are on the same side. Be strong, and don’t back down. You know that you’re right. Anyone that still supports Trump is an imbecile. You are fighting against racism, misogynist ideas, immigrant rights, environmental degradation, Nazis, the 1% that own most of the world, and the idiots who use Earth as a personal playground.

Advice #3: Start your own blog site, and be sure that Trump gets wind of everything you write. It’s an honor to be blocked by the dirt bag. I have many friends that no longer have access to Trump’s conduits, which proves that what they were saying was effective.

Advice #4: Find out who your real friends are. Be blunt. Ask them. “Do you support Donald Trump?” If they hem and haw about answering the question, then they do. I advise that you don’t try to talk to them about changing their mind. Sheep that continue to support Trump won’t listen. They probably go to church, have Trump in their prayers, and own guns. Dump them.

Advice #5: Join organizations that are already working hard to dump Trump. You’ll meet a lot of like-minded thinkers, and it will make you feel so much better about doing the right thing! Refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the National Anthem, and don’t stand for anything that impinges on your beliefs.

Advice #6: I fought the good fight when Bush #2 was President—even formed an anti-war band called, The Runamock Monkeys. I left the US when Bush was reelected—simply didn’t want to live there anymore. Returned when Obama became President, and left again just before Trump. Like Michael Moore, I too knew that trump would sleaze his way in.

There are over two million ex-patriots in Mexico today. Many came for the same reasons I did. I wanted my ten-year old daughter to keep her innocence as long as she could. She’s in a school that teaches Spanish, English, French, and German at the same time. She’s in choir, takes ballet, and is considering the cinematography class that’s being offered next semester. She loves going to school, is developing very high standards for herself, and a moral conscience that will ensure that she makes Earth a better place because she lived. If you try your best to change the direction that North America is heading, and still feel powerless, angry, and fed up…consider getting out.

My hope is that this little advice column has been helpful in some way. As a writer, I think it’s imperative that I use my voice to tell it like it is. Please check out my website: It’s full of creative ideas, and advice for writers…as well as a few political zingers. Luck with your battle. Good will prevail.


Ty Spencer Vossler

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